Ben has done excellent work for us over the past year in supporting our rapidly moving high tech start up with over 20 employees. Ben selected and installed new servers, 25 new computers, migrated our hosted email and extensive manufacturing and test data base to in house servers, set up robust cloud and dedicated drive backup, a secure VPN for remote access, and has responded rapidly and efficiently to hardware failures and routine issues. I’ve been CEO of several successful startups and have been an executive in 3 high tech Fortune 100 companies. Ben is one of the very best IT support personnel I’ve worked with. I highly recommend him.
— Ron Nelson, CEO, Pacific Light Technologies
Ben has been our IT consultant at Hacienda CDC since 2012. In this time he has helped us install VPNs at each one of our offices plus all the troubleshooting resulting from opening a third location. He has setup over 50 computers for all our staff, implemented IT related security protocols and also helped us passing successfully a third party audit from one of our contracts. He is always ready available, even when he has been traveling around the world, Ben has always been very responsive and easy going. He is very knowledgeable and personable and is not afraid to offer ideas which will result in better IT management.
— Yolanda Karp, Office Manager, Hacienda CDC
Highly Recommended without reservation! Mr. Latterell has worked as a colleague on a research & development grant funded by the US Department of Education, National Institute on Disability & Rehabilitation Research for which I was Principal Investigator. This was an assistive technology project in which we were developing and evaluating a novel home-based television assisted prompting device. Mr. Latterell served as lead technical installer and technical support during this project for the Portland-based part of our team. He was responsible for building and installing the television system in people’s homes, trouble-shooting technological barriers, and providing ongoing technical support. The added dimension of this project was that the participants in this study were adults with cognitive challenges due to brain injury. Mr. Latterell behaved professionally and appropriately in all interactions I supervised. I could not have been more pleased to work with such a gifted and talented technical support staff who also understood and treated people with respect. I was very comfortable releasing Mr. Latterell to work independently after my first couple observations, which had not been the case with previous support staff. As lead technical support, Mr. Latterell was always available though phone or email to help trouble-shoot barriers. He was able to clearly describe the steps to solve technical problems over the telephone both to myself and to people with cognitive challenges. Participants in the study enjoyed meeting with Mr. Latterell and felt at ease with him. He also helped participants with general computer questions and Internet troubles, even though this was not required of him. I would hire Mr. Latterell again in a heartbeat. His positive enthusiasm, strong work ethic, collaborative, dynamic, and solid knowledge will ensure he is an excellent addition to any computer science team. I therefore highly recommend Mr. Latterell for your position without reservation.
— Dr. Rik Lemoncello, Pacific University
Excellent fit for someone w/a range of IT needs. Ben worked at our startup for several months when we needed extra IT support. We weren’t sure exactly how he would fit in, given our wide but somewhat ill-defined range of IT needs, but he did an excellent job taking vague directions and delivering exactly what we needed, if not more. He is extremely proactive, takes direction well, and is very pleasant to work with. He is exactly the kind of technical support staffer that a small growing business is looking for.
— Dr. Juanita Kurtin, VP Research and Development, Spectrawatt, Inc.
When the startup I worked for grew to a size that required dedicated IT support, we began what turned out to be an arduous search for a knowledgeable, friendly, self-motivated IT specialist. We were very lucky to find Ben, and he immediately proved to be the perfect fit for our group. He had technical ability to investigate complicated issues, a personality that made everyone feel comfortable when seeking his help, and self-motivated work ethic.
— Jason King, Hardware Test Engineer
I work with a team of researchers in Eugene and Portland. Ben has been a lifesaver on our project and we would not have been able to succeed without him. He assisted in building and installing custom computer-based devices into the homes of reserach participants. He demonstrated great technical expertise and, even more imporantly, he demonstrated amazing people skills which was a most on our project.
— Jason Prideaux, University of Oregon
I am principal investigator for a small business innovation research grant. Our research team develops assistive technology for people with cognitive impairments due to brain injury. Often our clients need help with computer issues, so we call upon Ben to help with a range of challenges. He is knowledgeable and competent, but most importantly, when working with our clients, he has demonstrated great patience, kindness, and consideration. He has been the perfect consultant for our group. I highly recommend him.
— Dr. Lynn Fox, Portland State University